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Sprinklers Used To Deter Anti Social Behaviour

Businesses in Bristol are among the first in the UK to install sprinklers outside their premises. The systems are being used to keep vandals, vagrants and thieves at bay. Although extremely effective in combating anti social behaviour, business owners using the systems have come in for criticism. A tanning salon made the national news after [...]

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How To Find The Best UK Sprinkler Tank Supplier

If you are one of the many organisations planning to install a sprinkler system this year, have you considered who will supply and install a sprinkler tank? You can find the best UK sprinkler tank supplier from a variety of sources. Have you checked out Nationwide Water Solutions Limited? As its name suggests, this established [...]

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Legislation bid for sprinklers in social housing

Scotland could lead the way with sweeping new fire safety legislation for social housing projects. MSP David Stewart wants sprinkler systems installed in all new high-rise social housing developments. He has launched a consultation on a members’ bill for changes to current laws. Mr Stewart was moved to act after inquires showed many high-rise social [...]

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The Best Water Tanks For Sprinkler Systems

The best water tanks for sprinkler systems are ones designed for your specific needs, according to industry experts. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers and installers of fire tanks, says its order books comprise requests for the full range of sprinkler tanks. A spokesman said: “Because we are experienced installers, [...]

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Sprinkler systems for multi-storey car parks?

A sprinkler system could have stopped a fire that destroyed 1,400 vehicles at a multi-storey car park, a fire chief has told The Times newspaper. The New Year’s Eve fire in Liverpool started in a parked Land Rover before rapidly spreading. It has emerged that rules exempting multi-storey car parks from some fire safety regulations, [...]

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The Ultimate In UK Fire Safety 2018

Make sure you invest in the best fire safety. As well as protecting lives, you will achieve lower insurance premiums. You will also benefit from peace of mind, knowing your building and its contents have proper protection. Benefit from the ultimate in fire safety with a sprinkler system. Fire safety 2018 is all about loss [...]

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Is fire safety your New Year resolution?

If beefing up fire safety is your New Year resolution, you may want to consider installing a sprinkler system. And if you are worried about fitting a sprinkler tank into an awkward space, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited can put your mind at ease. Sprinkler tanks come in many different sizes, and can be designed just [...]

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