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Sprinkler Systems for Schools

All new schools will have sprinkler systems fitted as standard – if Labour wins the next general election. Just one in three new or refurbished schools, which have been funded by central government, have had sprinklers fitted since 2010. The statistics prompted Labour officials to tell The Independent newspaper that it will make sprinkler systems [...]

How Long Does A Sprinkler Tank Last?

If you have invested in a sprinkler system with a fire tank, you should already know that sprinkler tanks require maintenance. If you are one of the many organisations installing sprinkler systems as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, you may be asking: how long does a sprinkler tank last? At Nationwide Solutions [...]

Faulty Appliances Cause 60 Fires A Week

The Government has been urged to tackle the issue of faulty appliances. Consumer champion Which? says 60 fires a week are caused by every-day electrical goods such as washing machines and tumble dryers. It wants the newly-created Office for Product Safety to take action to made products safer. According to Which? the number of fires [...]

Sky’s The Limit For Fire Safety

Did you know that rooftops are an excellent place to locate sprinkler tanks serving high-rise buildings? In fact, across the Pond, in New York, many of the city’s apartment blocks have them. Out of sight but always on standby, they are the unseen fire safety essential that serves sprinkler systems. Water tanks have been constructed [...]

Safeguarding the Integrity of Sprinkler Tanks

Because sprinkler tanks play a vital role in life preservation and loss prevention, they must be maintained. However, a leak or corrosion does not necessarily mean a tank needs replacing. In fact, Nationwide Water Solutions offers a range of repair and refurbishment options. They protect the integrity of a sprinkler system and remove the cost [...]

Call For Sprinklers In Council Homes

Pressure is being put on UK housing providers to follow legislation in some US states and install sprinkler systems in houses. The latest call comes from a mother whose disabled daughter died in a fire in Cambridge. She is calling on all councils to install sprinklers in their homes. Theresa Freeman died after a fire at [...]

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Schools Deemed Too Low Risk For Sprinklers

Union leaders have accused the Government of being “shockingly cavalier” towards fire safety in schools. They claim it is ignoring its own advice over the fitting of sprinklers. They spoke out after it was revealed that an academy almost completely destroyed by fire in 2016 is to be rebuilt without sprinklers. The move has been described as “incomprehensible”. Now the National [...]

Grenfell Tower Fire – Update

The fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy continues. It has been revealed that a second funeral has been held for one of the victims - after bone fragment was found. DNA testing has revealed it belonged to a 57-year-old victim. He died after jumping from the burning building. The bone fragment was found after [...]

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