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Benefits of Sprinkler Tanks Explained

Automatic sprinkler systems are on immediate standby 24/7 to fight a fire. A sprinkler tank supplies instant water to the location of a blaze – starting to fight a fire the second it is detected. But the benefits of sprinkler tanks are numerous. There are lots more, as this article will explain. If you are [...]

Sprinklers: Birmingham Set To Invest

Birmingham City Council is today (Tuesday) expected to confirm it will borrow £31 million to install sprinklers in every one of its high-rise flats – if the Government fails to provide the cash. More than 200 tower blocks in the city will benefit from enhanced fire safety equipment over the next two years. The council, [...]

Fire Safety Starts with Peace of Mind

If you are a social landlord or manage public sector buildings, you may be considering retro-fitting sprinkler systems. Following the tragic loss of 71 lives in the Grenfell Tower fire, the pressure is on many sectors to improve fire safety. What the public want is peace of mind. Sprinkler systems and sprinkler tanks achieve this. [...]

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Businesses homeless after major fire

A former mill used as a hub for small businesses is to be demolished after being severely damaged by fire. Tameside Council has taken the decision to demolish the building after safety reports indicated the ruins of the building are not safe. The mill, in Greater Manchester, was left "structurally unsound” following a blaze at [...]

Sprinkler Week Ends With Message To Care Homes

With support up and down the country, Sprinkler Week 2018 has been a great success. Supported by fire and rescue services, businesses and individuals, the campaign has highlighted the many benefits of retro fitting sprinklers. As the campaign winds down, London fire brigade is now urging care homes, retirement homes and hostels across the capital [...]

Sprinkler Myths Dispelled

With Sprinkler Week 2018 under way, we dispel some of the common myths surrounding sprinkler systems. Each myth is dispelled with proven facts. With fire and rescue services across the country encouraging businesses and local authorities to retro fit sprinklers, here’s your chance to get the facts.   When there is a fire all the [...]

Sprinklers Week Message

A senior fire officer says he wants to “dispel the myth” that water from sprinkler systems causes more damage than fire. His message has been broadcast ahead of National Sprinklers Week. “That is absolutely and completely untrue. Sprinklers only react to just where the fire is. They react to the heat and successfully put out [...]

Damage Concerns Over Ageing Sprinkler Tanks

As the thaw sets in and floods threaten more and more homes and businesses, people responsible for sprinkler tanks are being urged to ensure they are properly maintained. Leaks can occur in corroded tanks - especially those which have not been inspected recently. With hundreds of homeowners and organisations counting the cost of water damage [...]

Ready Supply of Water Crucial to Fire Safety

Everyone knows water can stop a fire from spreading and be used to put it out. But what if there is no water supply to tackle a fire? You may think this is an unlikely event, but it is more common than you think. Fire engines can run out of water, particularly if there is [...]