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Happy Christmas from the Sprinkler Tank Expert

Season’s greetings from Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert. We hope this Christmas Day finds you safe and happy, and enjoying the very best of what the season has to offer. We would like to thank our customers, old and new, for their continued business during 2018. We appreciate the pivotal importance [...]

Fire Safety Lessons Learned in 2018

Sprinkler tank specialist Nationwide Water Solutions takes a look at the fire safety lessons learned in 2018. If your business or organisation is reviewing fire safety, today’s blog post will highlight the issues that raised concerns this year. They are worth bearing in mind as the year draws to a close and a new one [...]

Sprinkler Work Under Way At Luton Tower Blocks

Tower blocks in Luton are the latest to get sprinkler systems. Two high-rise buildings are receiving the additional fire safety equipment. It is part of a £4.5m round of improvements. Tower blocks set to benefit include Leabank and Penhill flats. Both are located on Luton's Marsh Farm estate. Residents have welcomed the investment, saying they [...]

Let’s Put Fire Safety First This Christmas

Christmas should be a time of celebration. It is the season to be jolly; a perfect excuse for families to come together and enjoy themselves. Sadly, Christmas is often far from a happy occasion - because of a fire. The risks of fire can increase over the festive period. Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s top [...]

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Interest in Sprinkler Tanks ‘Rising’ Says Expert

The UK’s leading expert on sprinkler tanks says interest in water storage equipment is rising. Nationwide Water Solutions has seen a spike in requests for free site surveys. It says, the rise coincides with ongoing inquiries into the Grenfell tragedy. Nationwide Water Solutions installs and removes sprinkler tanks for a wide range of public, private, [...]

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How To Ensure There Is Enough Water To Fight A Fire

It may seem obvious, but having enough water to fight a fire is crucial to containing damage and saving lives. Yet there is no guarantee the right quantity will be available unless you consider storage options. Even professional firefighters sometimes struggle on this score. Today's blog post will look at the causes and solutions. One [...]

How Perceptions of Fire Safety Have Changed in 1 Year

It has often been said that there was a ‘before Grenfell’ and ‘after Grenfell’. Perceptions of fire safety suggest this is true. In just one year, something considered a low priority for many building owners has shot to the top of the list. The Grenfell Inquiry has this week heard testimonies that support this. Robert [...]

Fire Risks in Commercial Buildings

Additional fire safety measures are required in commercial buildings. This is particularly the case if the building houses potentially dangerous equipment, such as welding or soldering tools. The presence of cylinders also requires careful assessment. If you are not sure what level of fire safety your building needs, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. The [...]

Why You Need To Improve Fire Safety This Winter

The fire service is one of the most underrated public services in the UK. It is less likely to speak out when it is hit by spending cuts, yet this winter it will be deployed in the NHS. That’s right, fire crews will be drafted in to take patients home from hospital. Worcestershire Acute Hospital [...]

Businesses Destroyed by Fire in Nottingham

Four businesses have been destroyed by fire after a blaze in a disused cattle market. The major fire forced the evacuation of hundreds of animals stored in a pet shop. Around 100 firefighters attended the scene on Sunday evening. Low water pressure hampered their efforts. Fire safety experts say the event highlights the need for [...]